Work Safety Shoes for IRAQ

Safety Shoes

Occupational safety and work shoes in Iraq, Safety is always seen as an extremely important issue in every occupational group. Work shoes, which are produced in accordance with the occupational safety legislation in order to prevent injuries of workers in different occupational groups and to protect them from external factors, are among the products that should be used. These shoes, which are used to ensure the safety of the worker and are seen as a precaution against possible occupational accidents, are specially designed. During the work, the worker feels safe and comfortable, resulting in more efficient work. With durable work safety shoes, both the worker and the employer can complete the work without any problems. Thanks to these specially designed work safety shoes and safety boots, it is possible to avoid many accidents undamaged or slightly damaged. The workload is heavy; Employees in different sectors such as construction, petrochemistry, mining, metal industry and energy should wear specially designed work shoes in order to protect their foot health. These shoes prevent damage by heavy metals, construction materials, chemical liquids that may fall on the feet during work. For example, you can prevent various injuries such as nail ingrown during working at any construction site or during job inspection by wearing these shoes. You can obtain a comfortable, healthy and reliable working environment with occupational safety shoes that shape the sector. Occupational safety shoes and safety boots, which are produced with the latest technology production methods and materials, are produced in accordance with water resistant and safety standards.

Work Shoes Models

The types of work shoes used in order to prevent foot injuries, which are common in heavy industries, are produced with the necessary standards. These standards are important to ensure and guarantee safety. There are work shoes models with different features, including standard variants such as S1, S1P, S2 and S3. Thanks to the models made of antistatic fabric, the risk of electric shock is eliminated and they are produced as water resistant. In addition, models with shock-absorbing heel area and oil-resistant sole are also included in the product groups. Shoe models vary according to occupational groups. Generally, the most preferred models by the employees in the whole sector are the models with composite nose support. Composite toe work shoes show high resistance against possible hazards. It is resistant to high temperatures, does not absorb water and has the characteristics of being able to breathe. Steel-toed work shoes, which are generally used by those working in industries where heavy parts are lifted, such as construction and shipyard, protect the foot from damage that may occur as a result of crushing, hurting or material falling. Thanks to this model, you can have the opportunity to work without jeopardizing your foot health. Those who work in the energy sector and are exposed to electricity should use electrician's shoes. These shoe models are produced from materials that provide electrical insulation. Welder shoes, on the other hand, are models that are easy to wear, water resistant, and have shock absorbing features. These shoe models, which have steel toes, slip and fire resistant soles, provide maximum safety and comfort. There are also shoe models with microfiber fabric for those who spend a lot of time standing and want protective shoes. These shoes are mostly preferred by those working in logistics, automotive and light industry. These models, which have a steel nose, are light and have the ability to breathe comfortably. There are also models that comply with the dress code. For example, in cases where it is mandatory to wear white, white work shoes can be a good alternative for you.

Work Shoes Features

The characteristics of the shoes worn during the work are very important for foot health and safety. For this reason, the features and benefits of the shoes used should be well known. Different shoes are produced according to different types of work. Its properties may also differ according to usage areas and materials. Onur Group has been making a difference in the sector for many years with its occupational safety shoes, materials used and experience. Models that are resistant to all kinds of impacts, are not affected by water and wet floors, are made of breathable, non-combustible and non-slip materials, while protecting you from possible accidents, they also create a more productive working environment. Shoes produced according to international standards are designed in accordance with all working conditions. Iron shoe models that provide protection against impacts are preferred in sectors where heavy loads are carried and the risk of falling is high. These shoes have the possibility of durable and long-lasting use due to their features.

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