FFP2 Mask Factory

FFP2 respirator mask factory which was established in 2015, has been producing machines and ultrasonic devices of N95 type masks for 7 years. With its high knowledge and experience, as of 2020, from its software to ultrasonic devices, with the latest models with our own production machines, CE certified respirator mask with and without valve in EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard. We makes FFP2 respirator mask , FFP3 respirator mask , medical face mask productions. Since the first day we started to produce, our company, which has become exporting to Europe in general due to the high quality of our products both aesthetically and because of the test values always exceeding the standards, has adopted the principle of exporting to every corner of the world. As LDR respirator mask, the only thing we will never give up is the maximum protection and comfortable breathing feature of the N95 type masks we produce.

Descriptions and color preferences of the masks produced

  • FFP2 NR (without valve) white and black colors

  • FFP2 V NR (valve) white and black colors

  • FFP2 NR for child (without valve) colors white and black

  • FFP3 NR (without valve) white and black colors

  • FFP3 V NR (valve) white and black colors

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