What should we pay attention to about children's masks ?

With the COVID-19 epidemic, the use of masks has become a part of our lives, regardless of adult and child. One of the most important measures that everyone from seven to seventy must comply with is the use of masks in order to protect from the epidemic and help prevent the spread of the disease. In this content, we tried to answer the questions about the FFP2 mask, medical child mask and fabric masks worn by our children, which we care about more than anything else, as a professional expert team. Good reading.

Due to the fact that adults are more in active life during the pandemic period and children are less affected by the first variants, the precautions for the protection of children were not given due importance in some segments. After a while, it became clear that the use of masks is our biggest instrument in preventing the spread of the disease beyond protecting the person. In addition to the absence of the initial mask; The fact that the production was made for adults until that day led to the unavailability of reliable children's masks suitable for children in the market and the inability to use large masks by children. In addition, it was difficult and took time for children to acquire the habit of using masks. While all these reasons caused the Covid-19 virus to become more widespread, it also revealed the importance of the use of masks for children more concretely.

Although the short-term consequences of the effect of the coronavirus disease are known, the long-term consequences have not yet been determined. Likewise, the fact that the new variants in the recent period affect children a lot, and that some variants affect children more than adults, worries us all even more. This shows that we need to give more importance to the protection of our children.

Due to this importance and demand, adult-oriented masks are now manufactured for children as well, and high-quality child masks with a high level of protection are available in the market. While bringing together the brands of children's masks with you, we provide scientific information about the use of children's masks and contribute to the protection of public health

How Should Mask Features for Children Be?

When choosing a children's mask, you should be at least as sensitive as we technically behave in an adult mask. Considering that children may not be as conscious as adults in maintaining social distance and using the mask correctly, high protection is important. High filtering ability, high breathability and being suitable for children's health are the main criteria in choosing a child mask.

In general and low-risk areas, Type IIR mask or Medical child mask is sufficient as a class. The choice of products in the FFP2 children's respiratory mask class in closed and high-risk areas increases confidence. It is important to prefer the FFP2 respiratory mask type in cases where there is intense contact with the patient, during seasonal transition periods when sneezing is intense, during periods of infection and in hospitals.

One of the most critical issues in choosing a child mask is that the mask fits the child's face perfectly. Adult masks are standard sizes. The attention to children's masks has increased more during the pandemic period, and surgical child mask products can be found in different sizes for different age groups. It is important for filtration that the mask does not hang from the face and does not press the face too much. In addition, comfortable use gains more importance in terms of acquiring the habit of using masks for children. In the manufacture of masks for children, some products may not contain a nose wire, but the use of a children's mask with a nose wire is recommended by experts. nose wire; It increases the protection by ensuring that the mask fits perfectly on the face, does not slip from the face and does not form a gap around the nose. Again, it is suitable for children to use soft ear bands or cotton ear pads on the mask, as they reduce skin and ear irritation and do not cause pain. Products manufactured using full ultrasonic mask welding do not contain threads at the junction points, thus preventing thread problems that may disturb children's skin and providing an aesthetic appearance at the same time. Encouraging the use of masks in children is also effective with these factors.

Again, if children are observed to exchange their masks among themselves, a plain white children's mask may be preferred instead of a colored or patterned mask. This is also effective in the child's mental assessment of the mask as protective equipment rather than an accessory.

It is important that the child mask reaches children in a hygienic way. Products produced in hygienic environments, provided with UV-C rays at the end of production, and finally packaged in a hygienic way without touching, maintain their hygiene until they reach the end user. Since mask changes are required during the day in areas of use such as schools, it would be a good choice to choose individually packed, ten-packed options or to use a storage box.

It is important to have all these features in one product. However, an issue that is at least as important as this is that these features are proven with test reports from accredited laboratories and that the quality infrastructure of the company is certified by accredited inspection bodies. We have CE (European Conformity) certificates for compliance with Turkish and European regulations as our FFP2 children's respiratory mask, medical child mask productions.

How Should Children's Masks Be?

Masks; It is widely available in the form of a FFP2 Child mask (1), a medical face mask (2) or a textile mask (3). In areas where the risk is very high, in hospitals, around the patient, it may be necessary to use a child respiratory mask. In other cases, a medical mask instead of a cloth mask, a medical face mask or a medical mask according to the regulation, keeps children in a safe area. Considering that the production purpose of the cloth mask is the problems experienced in the supply of medical masks and protective masks, it will be seen that the use of cloth masks should be the last choice when there is no problem with the product stock, which is very unlikely for the time being.

Are Patterned and Colored Masks Harmful for Children?

It is impossible to say yes or no to this question. The paint and painting technique it contains is important for colorful children's masks and patterned children's masks. The use of products that are suitable for human health and that do not cause negative effects on skin contact and respiration are not harmful. However, manufacturers with bad intentions or lack of adequate technical equipment may produce products that adversely affect human health. Here, the manufacturer's proof that his product is suitable increases the confidence in the product. Products produced in accordance with the Oeko-tex 100 standard and/or products that have successfully passed the Azo Dyes Test (TS EN ISO 14362-1) provide important evidence in this regard.

In these tests, it is recommended for health reasons to use products that are found to be suitable for contact with children's and/or baby's skin and that are proven to be free of carcinogens, allergens and harmful substances. Product testing and/or raw material tests enlighten us on this issue. Unfortunately, there is no way to understand the suitability of patterned children's masks and colored children's masks for human health, which do not have these tests.

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