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3M 2890S Google Ventilsiz AS/AF Koruyucu Güvenlik Gözlüğü

3M™ 2890 Series Safety Goggles

Product Description

The 3M™ 2890 SeriesGoggles includetwo indirectly ventilated (2890& 2890A) and three sealedversions (2890S, 2890SA

& 2895S).All except 2895S featurea clear lens for protection against UV light. The 2895Sfeatures a shade 5 lens forgas welding and cutting.

Product Range

2890 2890 Goggle PC Clear AS/AF 2890A 2890A Goggle Acetate AF 2890S 2890S Goggle Sealed PC AS/AF

2890SA 2890SA Goggle Sealed Acetate AF 2895S 2895S Welding Goggle PC Shade 5 AS/AF

Replacement parts:

289 289 PC replacement lens for 2890/2890S

289A 289A Acetate replacement lens for 2890A/2890SA

Intended Use

These productsare intended for protection against a varietyof hazards including liquid droplets(3), large dust particles (4), gas & fine particles (5), molten metal & hot solids (9), low energy impact

(F) and medium energyimpact (B) at extremes of temperature

-5°C and +55°C (T) in accordance with EN166:2001. In addition, these products also protect against UV radiation in accordance with EN170:2002.

NOTE: The 2895S lensesare assessed againstEN169:2002 for transmittance requirement for weldingfilters. This product protects against high speed impact at mediumenergy at room temperature only.

Key Features

• Optical class 1 lens suitablefor prolonged use.

• Provides excellent protection against liquiddroplets and large dust particles

• Lens treatment provides both scratch resistance and anti- fogging

• Wide, easy-to-adjust strap for stablecomfortable fit

• Pivoting ratchetfor convenient individual adjustment and fit

• Indirect ventilation improves air circulation and reduces fogging in hot/humid conditions (2890/2890A)

• Additional protection againstgas & fineparticles

• (2890S/2890SA/2895S)

• Acetate lens optionfor increased chemical resistance

• Replacement lensoptions


These productscan be used in a wide range of applications including:

• Chemical

• Construction

• Engineering

• General assembly

• Maintenance and repair

• Pharmaceutical

Use Limitation

• Never modify or alter this product

• Do notuse this productagainst hazards otherthan those specifiedin this document.

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